Entry #3

I get this strange feeling...

2013-04-14 19:16:01 by MangaArtistEX

....that if I don't draw bewbz then my serious work will seem minor.

So heres a pussy.

I get this strange feeling...


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2013-04-20 21:45:14

Only five fans!?! Dude you totally deserve better man. Im serious you can friken draw. I can't believe this bull shit.

MangaArtistEX responds:

Haha thanks man! Well no one really sees until I post something new on the Art portal, Heck back when I first started I tried a while to get scouted those years ago, after 2 years I tried again with latest art and got scouted in under 2 days. People will come around. :)


2013-06-10 22:49:49

I see what you did there....

But nekos are so kawaii!!