....that if I don't draw bewbz then my serious work will seem minor.

So heres a pussy.

I get this strange feeling...

45% characters done, Which character am I voicing? Rex obviously!

Some characters are getting handed to voice actors/actresses we know but left overs and future characters will be up for auditions, I'd say a week before we show stuff.

On a side note, Rex has really started to look different, he looks, less angry. xD

Working on a Video Comic series with GVGguy

Back! Older & Wiser!

2013-04-11 15:38:47 by MangaArtistEX

Damn its been since 2011 that I was here last! Looking foward to getting things running on my profile for once, Checkah meh outtuuuu!!!!!! WATAHHH!

Back! Older & Wiser!